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You are embarking on a great journey that will change your life. I will get you started on the basics and answer any questions you have or take any suggestions you have for the blog. Let's make this a learning community!
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Here’s the rundown of the days, their ruling planet and associated sign of the zodiac. Plan your magickal workings accordingly.

Ruled by: The Moon
Represents: Home, family, feelings, and emotions, psychism, dreams, health, spiritual pursuits
Energies: Female energy is strong on Mondays.
Zodiac: Cancer
Colors: Silver and White
Angels: Gabriel (Archangel), Arcan (Known as the king of the angels of the air and the "ruler" of Monday), Missabu (The ministering angel of Arcan), Abuzaha (Abuzohar) serves Monday and is very responsive to invocations and ritual magick.

Ruled by: Mars, the war-like planet
Represents: Business, mechanical things, buying and selling animals, hunting, beginning studies, gardening, sexual activities, and confrontations.
Energies: High-energy
Zodiac: Aries and Scorpio
Colors: Red, rose or scarlet
Angels: Camael (takes the form of a leopard when invoked), Samael (walks both worlds as a magician and a sorcerer), Satael (angel of air invoked in magick rites), Amabiel(issues of human sexuality), Friagne (invoked from the east) and Hyniel (subject to the east wind).
Ruled by: Mercury
Represents: Communications, correspondence, a good day for journalists, writers, poets, bargaining, hiring employees and visiting friends.
Energies: Swift activity
Zodiac: Gemini and Virgo
Colors: Orange, light blue and gray
Angels: Raphael (Archangel), Miel, Seraphiel (a chief in the order of the Seraphim - highest among the princes - invoke him from the north)
Ruled by: Jupiter
Represents: Financial concerns, money issues, self-improvement, research, study, travel and social gatherings.
Energies: Abundance
Zodiac: Sagittarius and Pisces
Colors: Purple and royal blue
Angels: Sachiel (invoke him from the south)
Ruled by: Venus
Represents: Love and human interaction, communication, household improvements, shopping and party planning.
Energies: Love and beauty
Zodiac: Taurus and Libra
Colors: Emerald green or pink
Angels: Uriel (Archangel), Rachiel (Human sexuality), Sachiel (Also Thursday)
Ruled by: Saturn
Represents: The public, farming, family ties, legal matters (Wills and Estates), debts, lawyers, financing, joint money matters, real estate, banishing or binding negativity, getting rid of bad habits.
Energies: Karma
Zodiac: Capricorn and Aquarius
Colors: Black
Angels: Uriel (Archangel), Cassiel (Angel of patience, solitude and tears, dragon energies), Machatan (Works well with Cassiel), Orifiel (Angel of the wilderness, ruler of the second hour of the day)
Ruled by: The Sun
Represents: Community work, volunteer services, excercise, buying, selling, meeting people, groups, growing crops, health matters.
Energies: Contemplation
Zodiac: Leo
Colors: Gold or yellow
Angels: Michael (Archangel, first hour of the day), Anael (2nd), Raphael (Archangel, 3rd), Gabriel (Archangel, 4th), Cassiel (5th), Sachiel (6th), Samael (7th), Michael (Archangel, 1st & 8th), Anael (9th), Raphael (Archangel, 3rd & 10th), Gabriel (Archangel, 4th & 11th), Cassiel (5th & 12th)
MONDAY - You’ll concern yourself mainly with “moon” energy and tasks. The moon represents our emotions, home, family, and feelings. That’s why you’ll feel like you can get a bunch of chores done around the house on a Monday. It may be wash-day or grocery day. It’s a good time to get in touch with your feelings, too. Consider this a great day for counseling or therapy, and to call your mother. Cook a hearty supper for the family. Go house hunting.

TUESDAY - You’re apt to have a burst of energy now and more “get up and go.” On Monday it’s hard to get out of bed, but on Tuesday, which is ruled by energetic Mars, you’ll have more drive and ambition. Some people say Tuesday is their best day of the week to get things accomplished. Start a diet program. Exercise. Initiate new projects, but avoid arguments. People are prone criticizing, complaining, and nit-picking on Tuesdays! You’re probably more impatient, too. Be careful when driving, and watch your impulsiveness.

WEDNESDAY - This is a great day for all sorts of communications and mental activity because it is ruled by the planet Mercury. Take a trip. Buy a car. Negotiate, write, hold a meeting, give a presentation, or have a heart-to-heart talk with someone you love. Make agreements. You may experience a flurry of phone calls. Answer your e-mails. News you’ve been waiting for may finally arrive. It’s good day for taking a test or attending a conference, too. You will feel much more like talking, so watch your words carefully ... and the phone bill, too!

THURSDAY - It’s a Jupiter (lucky) day. Almost everyone feels good. However, Jupiter is also known for abundance - so you could end up overdoing something, or going overboard. It’s a day that could break your diet, and your bankbook, too. You’ll throw caution to the wind. For some of you, Thursday is payday! Since Jupiter also relates to money and special blessings, ask for a raise, shop good sales, get a good deal on a new appliance, or go on a job interview. People are more optimistic today, and friendlier.

FRIDAY - is ruled by Venus (a.k.a. love and romance). This is the day that Cupid’s arrow strikes. Lots of folks go out on Friday night to socialize, have fun, or meet someone. It’s a popular date night. You’re more likely to meet someone on a Friday than any other night out. You feel good and look good. Plus everyone‘s in a good mood. This may have something to do with the fact that Friday is the beginning of the weekend. You will feel like pampering yourself, and probably stay up later than usual because you can sleep in the next day. Friday’s a good day to get your hair done, buy some new clothes, and spend time with someone you love.

SATURDAY - Ruled by Saturn, this is the day you get the work done that you’ve put off all week. Since Saturn rules discipline and hard work, Saturday is the day you are most likely to do your chores. You will have a regular routine; perhaps you do laundry, run the kids to activities, clean the house, and get things organized. You’re apt to have a structured morning planned with free time later in the day on Saturday. The sooner you get your work completed, the more time you have to rest and relax! Remember Saturn always rewards you for your hard work. It’s the lord of Karma. Work hard so you can play. R&R is your reward for a job well done!

SUNDAY - Ruled by the sun, you can focus on yourself and things you would personally like to do. It’s the “rule” - you shouldn’t work on Sunday, though many of us do. However, this day is set for relaxation and rest. The energy on Sunday is slower and more laid-back. The focus should be on things that make you happy. For some of us that’s enjoying a hobby or pastime. For others, it could be spending time at family celebrations. There’s a subconscious energy working on Sunday; everyone feels like it is truly their day to do whatever they want. On Sunday, you are most likely to let responsibilities go, rest a little, and do nothing ... unless you didn’t complete your chores on Saturday and have to repay some karma!

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